Lush Garden Pendant Style sets
Lush Garden Pendant Style sets

Lush Garden Pendant Style sets

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For these necklaces I used  canes of flowers that were very lush! and I also use my "ghost" canes of a rose and a leaf. Those canes are so cool! They are made by using a white clay and a translucent clay, which create the "ghost" effect.

Please choose between Set 1 or Set 2!

Each line, dot and color has been made by hand and sometimes I mix the colors to get "the right shade" It  has been made from polymer clay, there is only 1 item like this, so you will wear an original piece. Each set has taken me anywhere between 5-8 hours of work!

If you like an other chain or cord, I'd be happy to consult with you! I guarantee my work for a limited warranty of 5 years. If it arrives with a malfunction I will fix it. No returns. No money back.

Please do not leave near any heat source, including direct sunshine, it will MELT!!