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Lavender Fields Set

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Each piece has been made by hand. each flower, leaf or line has been made with a process called called a "cane". I use polymer clay and it comes in a 2 oz bar. Many times I mix the colors, to get the perfect shade (in my mind). I make a lot of flowers and leafs, and motives, they I slice them super thin, and add them to a sheet of clay. then I create a "picture" and then  start cutting the pieces to make pendants, earrings, pieces to the necklaces. I make sure the back side of each piece is finished. You could almost wear it backwards! I use pigments and beads to enhance my "pictures". I like to make each item lightweight! Then each piece gets a coating of a special varnish. No piece will dye your neck! Then it's time to add the hardware. Each necklace is made by me. I always try to choose the best necklace for the piece, chain, cord or leather cord. Sometimes, I use colored cord that are vibrant. You can always tell me not to use that color! I guarantee my work for 5 years! If anything arrives malfunctioning I will replace or  fix it. No  money back.

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