Blue Rhapsody Doughnuts Statement Piece set -

Blue Rhapsody Doughnuts Statement Piece set

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These beads were hand shaped and used canes in ble/green and a little bit of purple. It is strong on a blue wire also hand made, this is a statement piece!

It has unique colors and shapes. Of course these flowers  only exist in my fantasy world. But, I loved making them! the back is painted with pigment paints and you could wear it backwards! (you'll find my signature there! which BTW, I made too!)

Each line, dot and color has been made by hand and sometimes I mix the colors to get "the right shade" It  has been made from polymer clay, there is only 1 item like this, so you will wear an original piece. e If you like an other chain or cord, i'd be happy to consult with you! I guarantee my work for a limited warranty of 5 years. If it arrives with a malfunction I will fix it. No returns. No money back.