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Blue Hamsah, Judaica

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The Hamsah is an ancient amulet that is said to guard you from Evil Eye, and bring you only good things, such as health, happiness and success. The Hamsah could be worn on a necklace or or be hung in your wall,in your car's mirror, or refrigerator or key chain!! each sold separetly!

Please let me know where you'd like to hang it from!

This Hamsah was done for HIM!!!. Each line, dot and color has been made by hand and sometimes I mix the colors to get "the right shade" It  has been made from polymer clay, there is only 1 item like this, so you will wear an original piece. e If you like an other chain or cord, i'd be happy to consult with you! I guarantee my work for a limited warranty of 5 years. If it arrives with a malfunction I will fix it. No returns. No money back.