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Birds and Flowers Necklace Set

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This set was created with a few canes that may look like daffodils, and many other imaginary flowers including a ghost rose!

The entire process is a little long. Most of the times I have to condition the clay,many a times I mix the colors, because I am not satisfied with what I have ready made. Then I create the "picture" or cane. After that I  start creating a sheet called a "veneer" when I am happy after cutting my cane/s into surer thin slices I cut them into shapes. Once all that is done, it;'s cured. After that, I  cover each piece with a liquid clay that gives it a beautiful glass finish. (it also makes it stronger). When all this is done, I am ready to add hard wear and finish the necklace and earrings! 

Each line, dot and color has been made by hand and sometimes I mix the colors to get "the right shade" It  has been made from polymer clay, there is only 1 item like this, so you will wear an original piece. e If you like an other chain or cord, I'd be happy to consult with you! I guarantee my work for a limited warranty of 5 years. If it arrives with a malfunction I will fix it. Please do not leave in in direct heat source or sunshine, it will melt!